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by David Katzmaier
April 6, 2017

Google’s YouTube is the latest company to offer a new alternative TV package that streams live broadcasts over the internet. But does it have enough channels?

And then there were four.

YouTube — yes, that YouTube — is the latest company to offer a streaming TV package that’s designed to compete with traditional cable packages. It’s called YouTube TV and it’s available starting today for $35 per month.

The service competes directly with Sling TV (from satellite company Dish), Sony’s PlayStation Vue, and AT&T’s DirecTV Now, all of which offer similar streaming video packages. They’re expected to be joined later in 2017 by a live TV offering from Hulu.

Unlike standard cable or satellite plans, there’s no annual contract or additional hardware needed (beyond one of the devices listed above). Of course, you’ll need a good broadband plan that can support HD video streaming.

How YouTube TV’s channel lineup compares

For your convenience, we’ve created this chart that compares channel lineups for YouTube TV and the others. It’s arranged in alphabetical order by channel name and lists availability according to package tier.

Comparison Here