via TechRadar
By Jon Porter
July 31, 2017

Another one bites the dust

In a pattern that should now be familiar to anyone who’s been following Kodi’s recent developments, another of its third-party add-ons, Navi-X, has found its domains in the hands of lawyers.

It was the same story with TVAddons. After shutting down back in June, last week the news emerged that its domains are now in the hands of a Canadian law firm.

Similarly, Navi-X shut down back in May. Although its team claimed that it was ending the service voluntarily, it’s unlikely to be a coincidence that its domains are now in the hands of that same law firm.

Privacy concerns over piracy add-ons

Having a law firm in charge of domains that are used to stream pirate content is obviously not a good thing for anyone looking to use the service. Controlling the domain means being able to view the traffic coming into it, potentially opening the door for legal action down the line.

However, it’s been noted that there are still no guidelines on whether using Kodi to watch pirate content is itself illegal. Selling fully loaded boxes definitely is though, and it’s punishable by up to ten years in prison in the UK.

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