via CNN Money
by Shen Lu
August 10, 2017

Disney will be pulling out of Netflix in 2019, which means you’ll have to subscribe to yet another service if you want to watch “Moana.”

Young people are happy to shell out for online TV: Nearly 80% of Millennials said they watch or have access to streaming services, according to eMarketer, a digital research firm.

But if other media companies follow the lead of Disney (DIS) (and HBO and CBS), we could be up to our eyeballs in streaming subscriptions. That could get really expensive really fast.

Streaming services are appealing to young viewers because they’re so cheap compared to traditional cable and satellite bundles.
“It’s such a low cost, it’s almost overlooked,” said Nick Barber, an analyst with technology research and advisory firm Forrester.
But they add up quickly. $10 for Netflix, $10 for Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) Prime, $12 for Hulu, $7 for CBS, and however much Disney or ESPN’s service will cost … it could one day cost consumers more to get the content that they want than by buying cable.

Media analysts don’t expect people to empty their wallets for more than a few subscription services, though.

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