via Fortune | Tech
Aaron Pressman
Jul 26, 2017

Some good news for Internet set-top box maker Roku as it readies to go public: the company now makes the most popular streaming video device, according to eMarketer.

Almost 39 million people used a Roku device at least once in the month of July, representing 23% of all connected TV users, the market research firm said on Wednesday. Roku pulled ahead of Google’s Chromecast, which was used by almost 37 million people, or 22% of the market, but had been the leader the last time eMarketer surveyed the scene back in October. Amazon’s Fire TV ranked third, with almost 36 million users, followed by Apple’s Apple TV at just 21 million users.

One of Roku’s advantages is that it is not affiliated with a content or device offering, like Google’s Android phones or Apple’s iOS. That makes it easier for Roku to strike deals with a broader array of content partners, Paul Verna, principal video analyst at eMarketer, says. “That expansive strategy, combined with the company’s broad selection of connectivity devices at various price points, has put Roku at the head of the pack,” Verna said in a statement.

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