via Tom’s Guide
by Michael Andronico
Jan 28, 2017

I first cut the cord almost two years ago, and I’ve been a Sling TV customer almost the entire time since then. The service had its ups and downs, but for someone who watches TV as infrequently as I do, Sling was decent enough to keep.

But boy, I did not know what I was missing.

After months of staring at the free PlayStation Vue trial that my PS4 had been dangling in front of my face, I finally gave Sony’ internet TV package a try. About an hour in, I immediately canceled Sling, and even ditched some other services. Here’s why.

A Night and Day Difference

Going from Sling TV to PlayStation Vue felt like entering a fancy steak house after living on a McDonald’s diet — and it’s all because of the app experience. Whereas the Sling TV Xbox One app is a crusty, buggy mess (to be fair, other versions work better), PlayStation 4’s PS Vue app is fast, clean and just kind of makes sense.

Within minutes, I was favoriting channels and adding shows to my personal library without fighting any weird interface issues. I was taken aback the first time I paused and resumed a live show, which felt far more immediate than doing so on my clunky old cable-box DVR.

My favorite thing about PS Vue’s channel lineup is that it includes local networks such as CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC.

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