By Paul Mulshine
March 30, 2017

Like a lot of other people, I am ready to cut the cable.
It’s not merely that my monthly cable bill equals a car payment. It also exceeds the entire price of some cars I’ve bought.
Fortunately there are dozens of channels carrying high-def TV available over the air to residents of New Jersey.
Unfortunately, if you live in a fringe area like Ocean County, as I do, it can be difficult to receive the signal.
In the old days of rabbit ears and rooftop antennas, you could get television just about anywhere in the state. But back in 2009 the government let the broadcasters switch to a digital signal, one that can be received only by those who live close enough to the broadcast tower.
How close? That’s hard to determine, but a whole lot of people are trying to figure it out.

I found that out when I drove to the Wal-Mart in Brick Township to see what sort of antennas they carry.

There were all sorts. I counted 15 brands, from $8 cheapies the size of a dinner plate to $100-plus rooftop models with amplifiers and rotators.

That display disproves a key tenet of the regulators on both the state and federal levels: The idea that we no longer need broadcast TV because everyone is moving to cable.

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