via Cord Cutters News
by Luke Bouma
May 25, 2017

Internet access has always been an issue for many Americans. Many Americans still only have one option or no broadband option at all. Now Verizon is launching a new service that should help many cord cutters especially ones in rural areas. Today they unveiled a new “SmartHub” LTE router that lets users enjoy unlimited cellular broadband in the home via WiFi.

The unit itself will cost you $200 outright, or $100 with a two year contract (with an early termination fee of $175). Data plans for the unit start at $40 per month for 4GB of LTE data, up to an unlimited data option for $110 per month ($130 if you don’t bundle it with other Verizon lines or services).

Well this may seem like a bad deal to many Americans this will open up high speed internet in their home. As for some their only options are dail up or internet that is just slightly faster than dail up.

According to a Tom’s Guide study Verizon is the fastest LTE internet in the US with a average speed of 36 Mbps down. More than enough to stream all you want. (When I cut the cord I only had 10 down.)

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