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By Tim Wells

You can feel the panic in the Kodi community.

TVAddons suddenly disappeared this week after being sued by Dish Network for copyright infringement. Each infringement carries a possible fine of $150,000 US.

That can add up VERY quickly.

Since the “Kodi Crackdown” started, several big-name Kodi devs have thrown in the towel under the legal pressure, but losing TVAddons is by far the biggest blow to the community.

Why is this a big deal?

TVAddons site taken downWhat makes TVAddons so special?
Their website was one of the most popular Kodi sites on the Internet. Their repository held over a 1,500 addons from many Kodi devs and almost 40 million users registered with the site.

No more.

The site went dark earlier this week.
Their Facebook page was deleted. Their YouTube page was stripped of all the content. Their twitter feed has been silent.
Every video they made, every question that was answered, every comment, forum post, every tutorial….

The DailyMail is reporting that the owners of the site have cut a deal with Dish TV to avoid prosecution as long as they cease supporting any illegal addons and help with further investigations.

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