via Forbes
Marco Chiappetta
April 27, 2017

I’ve had plenty of good things to say about NVIDIA’s Tegra X1-based SHIELD Android TV device since the original model’s release a couple of years back. On more than one occasion I’ve called the SHIELD the best media streaming device on the market. And as 4K televisions and content have become more pervasive, the SHIELD’s strong line-up of apps that supported 4K made it even more appealing.

Although it was already one of the best streaming devices on the market, some new updates from Google have only solidified the NVIDIA SHIELD’s strong position in the current landscape of devices. Google just updated its Google Play Movies And TV app to add 4K support for NVIDIA’s SHIELD. The SHIELD also support casting in 4K now as well. That’s something only Google’s own Chromecast Ultra supports.
The list of apps that officially support 4K on the NVIDIA SHIELD now looks like this…

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