via The Ringer
Alison Herman
March 21, 2017

As Dave Chappelle cements the streaming service’s golden age of stand-up, these are our favorite performances

We are entering the final phase of Netflix’s plan for (comedy) world domination. Tuesday marks the release of not just one, but two new hours from Dave Chappelle, the reclusive master who hasn’t released a new recording in more than a decade. The specials join an already formidable archive of both originals and classics that Netflix has been building for years. It’s part of a tried-and-true strategy for a platform trying to establish itself as a prestige brand: start with cheap and easy-to-produce films by entertainers who write their own material, then expand into making your own.
As we bide our time between new Chappelle and the next slew of trump cards in Netflix’s deck, including specials from Chris Rock and Louis C.K., here’s a curated list of the very best stand-up available for your streaming pleasure. All the laughs of live comedy with none of the two-drink minimums, starting with:

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