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Paul Resnikoff
April 20, 2017

Spotify is great for superstars like Drake and Ed Sheeran. But according to the head of Taylor Swift’s label, Scott Borchetta, the numbers are tricky — and it’s not trickling down for most artists.

Taylor Swift is notorious for bashing Spotify. Aside from withholding her music from the platform, Swift has openly blasted the company’s business model as a “startup with no cash flow” with the behavior of a “corporate machine”.
Amazingly, the head of Taylor Swift’s label Big Machine Records — Scott Borchetta — is relatively tame in comparison. But he’s definitely tough on streaming and probably a major reason why the company has agreed to limit some content of premium-only subscribers.
At Canadian Music Week this morning, Borchetta talked a lot more about streaming music and whether it can make sense for artists, labels, and other groups like producers and songwriters. But he also popped the bubble on streaming’s success so far.
Here’s the back-and-forth.

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