via Tom’s Guide
by Cortney Moore
July 7, 2017

Cable and satellite providers may need to worry about competition, because the Sling TV service is cheap and quite good, complete with DVR.But does that mean you should you give it a try?

Developed by DISH Network, Sling TV offers cord-cutters a viable alternative starting at $20 per month. There are several other channel packages available that you can tack on from $5 to $10, including options like News Extra and Sports Extra. The DVR option costs $5 per month.

Here’s what the Sling TV reviews have to say — both good and bad.

“If you’re looking for a small supplement to an HD antenna or a quick fix for live sports, Sling TV is where you should begin your search.” — Marshall Honorof, Tom’s Guide

Tom’s Guide

Tom’s Guide’s Marshall Honorof reviewed the Sling TV and found it to be a useful cable replacement tool for those who just need access to basic channels. According to Honorof, Sling TV’s interface could be better, especially if the company wishes to stay competitive with YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV. Overall, he found Sling TV to be a solid streaming service that can help consumers save money by cutting ties with cable and satellite providers. However, he noted video quality can get shaky if your Wi-Fi connection is unreliable.

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