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By Luke
January 31, 2017

As cord cutting is growing so is demand to be the set-top box of choice among cord cutters. Historically Roku has dominated by a wide margin, but now we are seeing both the Fire TV and the Apple TV gain market share.

Recently we surveyed more than 1,000 of our readers on a range of cord cutting topics. According to our readers, almost 70% own a Roku. Forty percent said they own a Fire TV, and 25% said they own an Apple TV.

However, this is a noticeable change from our summer 2016 survey that showed Roku with over 70% of the market share, the Fire TV at just over 33%, and the Apple TV at just 18%. (Note: We did allow our readers to list multiple devices. So if a reader has both an Apple TV and a Roku it showed up in our survey results.)

These results are in line with a 2016 Parks Associates study showing Roku was the most popular device followed by Amazon at 22% and the Apple TV at 20%; however, that study looked at all device owners not just cord cutters.

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