via MediaLife Magazine
By Toni Fitzgerald
March 9, 2017

Price is a factor, of course, but not the only one for dropping cable

It’s clear cord cutting is happening.

Everyone assumes it’s a money thing, and certainly some people are motivated by a desire to slash their household expenses.

But there are other reasons behind the decision to eliminate pay TV services, and a new survey by TiVo explores those motivations.

The survey, one done quarterly by the DVR service of people throughout the United States and Canada, found that 17 percent of respondents did not subscribe to pay TV, and a fifth of that number had eliminated it within the past year.

The big question—why?

Most people who had cut the cord cited the price of pay TV.

But they also mentioned other reasons. Another was the availability of streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon and Netflix. If you already subscribe to those services, you don’t really need cable if you’re just looking for content.

One other top reason given by respondents for dropping pay TV: They no longer felt any need for it. A surprising number said they were fine with using an antenna to receive broadcast TV channels and didn’t feel the need for the additional channels cable had to offer.

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