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By Ernesto
February 3, 2017

Exodus is one of the most-used Kodi addons out there, allowing users to obtain easy access to pirated movies and TV-shows. However, over the past week the same users were unwittingly part of a DDoS attack. After the issue raised eyebrows in the community, the Exodus developer rolled back the malicious code and retired.

exodus-moviesMillions of people use Kodi as their main source of entertainment, often with help from add-ons that allow them to access pirated movies and TV-shows.

One of the most popular addons is Exodus. The software is maintained by “Lambda,” who’s one of the most prolific developers in the community.

Exodus is widely praised as one of the most useful addons to access streaming video, including pirated movies and TV-shows. This prominent position also brings along quite a few adversaries, which recently led to an unusual situation.

Due to the controversial nature of his work, Lambda has always preferred to remain anonymous. However, he was recently confronted with some people who copied his work and/or threatened to expose his real identity. But instead of backing down, he launched an attack.

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