via Cord Cutters News
by Luke Bouma
May 2, 2017

Over the last few months Pluto TV the free TV service for cord cutters has been busy adding channels. In total 15 new free channels have been added over the last few months.

Here is a full break down of all the new and free channels on Pluto TV.

Anime All Day, CH 322
Fighting robots, talking animals, and over-the-top battles to keep fans of Anime happy, all day, every day.

Cheddar, CH 112
Innovative, immersive insights from the business and tech world.

Clevver, CH 605
Clevver captures the tone, topics, and relatable talent that young millennial females crave throughout their day.

CNBC, CH 111
For the budding entrepreneur and the seasoned pro, this 24/7 business channel has the news you need.

Crime Network, CH 504
The crime buff’s favorite accomplice, Crime Network offers documentaries, real-life accounts, and other stories of history’s most infamous crimes.

A show where your greatest fears become reality TV. Contestants compete in harrowing, heart-pounding, and stomach-turning challenges.

Fight, CH 205
The best of hard-hitting, jaw-breaking action, with replays and highlights from MMA bouts & boxing matches, along with fight-centric movies and documentaries.

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