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Steven Avery
March 27, 2017

Sony seemed a little crazy when it first launched PlayStation Vue a year ago. The company offered a big bundle of streaming-TV channels at high prices, which is exactly what people are trying to escape by cutting the cable-TV cord. Even worse, the service lacked some popular channels, such as ESPN; it was only available in a few U.S. markets; and it only worked on PlayStation game consoles. Not surprisingly, few people bothered to sign up.

Sony took the gloves off last month: PlayStation Vue is now available across the U.S. at much lower prices. ESPN and other Disney-owned channels have joined the bundle, and the service now works on other devices, including the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and Google’s Chromecast. PlayStation Vue has become a direct competitor to Dish’s Sling TV streaming bundle, and—as noted in our head-to-head comparison—is superior in almost every aspect.

The big question is whether Sony can keep it that way over the long haul.

What you get with PlayStation Vue

For $30 per month in most markets, PlayStation Vue subscribers get 57 live TV channels, from ESPN to CNN to TBS to Comedy Central. (The price rises to $40 per month in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco Bay Area, where live local feeds from ABC, NBC, and Fox are part of the package.)

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