via Motherboard
Nicholas Deleon
April, 4 2017

Don’t look now, but online scammers are already hard at work taking advantage of newly signed legislation that allows Internet Service Providers to sell your online privacy, including your web browser history, to the highest bidder without your consent.
I received an email yesterday from a purported Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider called MySafeVPN claiming to be affiliated with Plex, the streaming media startup that I’ve written about many times in the past. The email led with ominous marketing speak alluding to “recent changes to US privacy bills, UK privacy laws, and more,” asserting that Plex users concerned about their ISP gaining access to their download history should, you know, sign up for their VPN service. How convenient.

Intrigued by the email— Wait, Plex is getting into the VPN business? That seems… fake, and so does this email—I immediately forwarded the email to Scott Olechowski, Plex’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer.
“I assume this isn’t you guys?” I asked.
Olechowski replied two minutes later.

“This is *absolutely not* a Plex affiliated service or offering,” he said.

“If anything, it suggests that is super sketchy and we would recommend using almost any other VPN service with your Plex Media Server.”

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