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By Richard Devine
Jun 16, 2017

In the arena of 4K streamers, which one deserves your money?

While TV channels still mostly live in the world of 1080p, online streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have moved forwards into the world of 4K video. At four times the resolution of 1080p video, 4K requires not only a new, compatible TV but a decent internet connection to be able to stream it.

You also need something to get that 4K media onto your TV once you’ve piped it in from the internet. There are three great options from three big hitters in the world of streaming boxes, and we’re looking at each of them right now.
Which one deserves your money? The NVIDIA Android Shield TV ($199), the Amazon Fire TV ($89.99) or the Roku Ultra ($89)?


There’s no other way of saying it, so I’ll come right out: The NVIDIA Shield TV is by far the most powerful of these three boxes. The Tegra X1 chip inside it is an absolute beast, despite being over a year old now. The extra raw performance you get from the Shield TV allows it to do some other pretty amazing things which we’ll cover further on.

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