via Cord Cutters News
by Luke Bouma
July 5, 2017

If you are a cable TV executive subscriber numbers are probably not your favorite subject to talk about right now.
With the exception of a few bumps here and there since cable TV subscribers hit their peak back in 2000 at 68,500,000, it has mostly been downhill from there. According to the FCC in December 2015 only 53,223,000 American households subscribed to a cable TV service. Since 2000 cable TV has slowly been losing ground to satellite and telecom providers and now cord cutting.

Not since 1991 have cable TV subscriber numbers been so low. What is even scarier is the numbers have fallen even more since December 2015, and the accurate count now may be lower than the 51,700,000 subscriber count in 1990.

When you consider the fact that in 1990 the United States only had 249.6 million people but in 2017 the population in the United States has jumped to 326.4 million people, the continued decline in cable TV subscribers looks even more shocking.

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