via DSL Reports
by Karl Bode
Feb 01 2017

As expected, new FCC boss Ajit Pai has killed an FCC plan to bring more competition to ye olde cable box. The FCC’s plan would have forced cable providers to deliver their content to third-party set tops without a CableCARD (using standard DRM of their choice). A revised version of the plan would have simply required that cable providers make all of their content available via app. Because this threatened not only cable’s walled garden control but also $20 billion in annual cable box rental fees, the cable industry fought tooth and nail against the effort.

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The plan was already on thin ice after an unprecedented cable industry misinformation campaign incorrectly convinced many the plan would have increased piracy, violated copyright, and confused consumers.

These falsehoods were spread far and wide in op-ed sections nationwide, usually with little to no disclosure by media outlets that they were funded by the cable and entertainment industries. Even Jesse Jackson at one point got in on the action, penning an editorial claiming the FCC’s plan was somehow racist, and in line with “snarling dogs, water hoses and church bombings in the American South.”

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