via TechCrunch
by Sarah Perez
Apr 10, 2017

According to new data from comScore released this morning, more than half (53 percent) of Wi-Fi households in the U.S. are now using at least one over-the-top streaming service, with Netflix being the primary choice. While still the leader in the streaming space with a presence in 75 percent of those homes, its service is facing increased competition from others — including most notably YouTube, which has grown its reach to 53 percent, trailed by Amazon at 33 percent and Hulu at 17 percent.
The data was collected in December 2016, when there were more than 49 million Wi-Fi-connected homes in the U.S. streaming video content over the internet through one of these over-the-top services.
In total, there are today 11 streaming services that reach one million or more homes in a given month, said comScore, noting the market’s expansion beyond Netflix’s earlier dominance.

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