by Reporter
August 1, 2017

Carol Burnett is getting her own show on Netflix.

The 84-year-old comedy icon will star on the streaming service in A Little Help With Carol Burnett, which will feature her in hysterical discussions with kids between the ages of four and eight in front of a studio audience.

The veteran entertainer, known for shows like The Carol Burnett Show and Mama’s Family, is inked to star in a dozen episodes to be released next year on Netflix.

‘Someone once asked me how old I am inside,’ Burnett said in a statement. ‘I thought about it, and came up with, ‘I’m about eight.’ So it’s going to be a lot of fun playing with kids my age.’

Burnett, who’s been seen in recent years in cameos on Hot In Cleveland, Hawaii Five-0 and Glee, appeared in a teaser clip for the program in which she’s in a mock job interview with a child executive, who’s clearly unaware of her prolific credentials.

‘I’m Carol … Burnett ,’ she tells the young man. ‘I did a few films and some specials … do you know who Dolly Parton is? She’s very … talented.’

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