via Mirror Online
By Sophie Curtis
April 27, 2017

Using a multimedia player such as Kodi to stream pirated video content online is just as bad as downloading an illegal copy, an EU court has ruled.
While downloading an illegally copied episode of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad constitutes copyright infringement, streaming has previously been a bit of a grey area.
That’s because when you stream something online, the file is stored only temporarily on your computer, and temporary copies have traditionally been exempt from copyright laws.
However, in a landmark ruling yesterday, the Court of Justice of the European Union stated that the temporary reproduction of a copyright-protected work, obtained without the consent of the copyright holder, is NOT exempt from the “right of reproduction”.
The right of reproduction states that no person other than the copyright owner can make any reproductions or copies of the work.
The ruling effectively means that anyone who streams an illegally copied film or TV show is breaking the law – just as they would be if they downloaded it.
The court explained that streaming this content “adversely affects the normal exploitation of those works and causes unreasonable prejudice to the legitimate interests of the copyright holders”.
In other words, copyright owners are losing money because people are streaming content for free online, rather than paying for subscriptions.

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