via DSL Reports
By Karl Bode
Feb 28 2017

Much like it did when it recently struck a similar deal with Netflix, Comcast has announced it will be bringing YouTube functionality to the company’s X1 cable box. According to Comcast the functionality should arrive later this year, as the company continues to bend to pressure to open up its cable box to make it more in line with streaming set top devices. Those devices have had YouTube for ages, so in many ways Comcast’s announcement feels a little underwhelming for 2017.

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But Comcast insists that consumers will benefit from the full integration of YouTube within the set top box’s recommendation engine.

“We are excited to partner with Google to bring YouTube to X1 and provide our customers easier access to all the content they love in one place,” said Sam Schwartz, Chief Business Development Officer, Comcast Cable. “By integrating YouTube into the X1 experience, viewers can simply and effortlessly access videos on any topic, from cooking, to beauty and fitness with just their voice.”

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