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By Toni Fitzgerald
January 24, 2017

The 10 fastest-gaining networks and what they have in common

Cord cutting has led to steep subscriber losses for many of the most popular cable networks.

ESPN is down some 7.3 million from its 2010 peak. FX has lost 3.1 million. USA is off 5.5 million. TBS tumbled 6.5 million.

Yet there are a handful of networks that are still seeing subscriber gains.

At a time when the majority of other networks are shrinking, it’s helpful to break down what is gaining and why, and a new report from SNL Kagan lays out the 10 fastest-growing cable networks.

They grew by an average 27.5 percent from 2014 to 2015, the most recent figures available.

None of the top 10 has more than 50 million household subscribers. But all saw growth of at least 18.6 percent.

By contrast, SNL Kagan found just three of the 34 biggest cable channels saw year-to-year gains, and two (CNN and HLN) were due to the resolution of a carriage dispute with DISH Network that had knocked them off the air.

So what do these gaining networks have in common?

They’re small, they’re young and most of them have a powerful partner or owner behind them.

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