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David Pierce

Live television is not over. What’s over is having 14,000 impossible-to-navigate channels and a remote you need a PhD to operate, all tied to a giant overheating box that hasn’t been redesigned since the Clinton administration. All that old junk is being replaced by a handful of internet-first services that combine the best of live, on-demand, and streaming television. Anything you want, everywhere, always.

Most of them work the same way: A couple of Jacksons (or Tubmans!) a month gets you a few dozen channels delivered to every device with a screen in your home—handheld, wall-mounted, or otherwise. Each package gives you a slightly different set of channels, restrictions, and designs. But they all beat that blurry, blue onscreen guide.

DirecTV Now

Best For: Smartphone channel surfers
The closest thing to a cable replacement: $35 a month, 60-some channels, available everywhere, in a super-surfable setup. It can be used on only two screens at once, and not every platform offers apps. But if you have AT&T cell service, streaming TV won’t count against that stingy data cap.

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