via LifeHacker
by Lily Lou

The FCC has proposed an end to net neutrality, meaning the possible end of a free and open internet. Under net neutrality rules, the FCC requires internet service providers like Comcast and AT&T to give equal footing to all websites and internet services.

Like last time, the FCC has opened up a forum for commenting on their proposal. Comments will be open until July 18, and replies to comments are due by August 16. So far, there are five million comments.

To file a comment, visit this link. Click on “Express” to add a comment and click on “New Filing” to upload documents.
Gigi Sohn, a former FCC counselor, gave advice for commenting in a Mashable post. In addition to serving as a counselor to former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, Sohn co-founded Public Knowledge, a non-profit advocating for equal competition.
Of course, there are templates that you can use to comment, but original, thoughtful comments can help make a stronger case for keeping net neutrality rules and help experts argue for it in an inevitable legal case against the repeal. Posts that say things like “Net neutrality is bad :(” under the name “John Oliver” hold a lot less weight than posts that make a strong, detailed case against it.

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