via DSL Reports
by Karl Bode
April 07, 2017

FCC boss Ajit Pai is privately telling ISPs he wants to strip away net neutrality rules, and hopes that broadband providers will promise to “voluntarily” protect net neutrality instead. Reuters reports that the FCC boss met privately with a number of large broadband providers earlier in the week to privately brief them on his plans. Pai “wants internet service providers to voluntarily agree to maintain an open internet,” three anonymous industry sources told Reuters on Thursday.

The problem, of course, is while ISPs like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon are likely to agree to avoid things like outright blocking or throttling of websites (something they never planned to do anyway), it’s unlikely they’ll agree to avoid the kind of areas where real net neutrality violations are occurring these days (interconnection, usage caps, overage fees, and zero rating).
Pai’s decision to drive forward with killing net neutrality rules via FCC process suggests that the government doesn’t believe it will have the votes to drive a net-neutrality killing bill through Congress. Or, a Congressional bill from like likes of Senator Thune could arrive later as a “solution” for whatever repeal Pai proposes (a sort of one, two punch of pay-to-play lawmaking).

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