via DSL Reports
by Karl Bode
March 1, 2017

According to new FCC boss Ajit Pai, you can thank him for the wireless industry’s return to unlimited data. Last week, T-Mobile forced Verizon to bring back unlimited data, after spending the last few years telling consumers they neither wanted or needed the option. That forced AT&T to quickly follow suit, the company insisting it simply wanted to “give customers what they’ve been asking for, on their terms.” Sprint too was forced to revisit its own unlimited data plans.

Of course the real reason for these changes — and the return to unlimited data — should be obvious: competition from T-Mobile.

But in a speech this week at the wireless sector’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Pai insisted it was his one-month on the job as new FCC boss — and his relentless dedication to “light touch regulation” that was to thank for the shift. Pai specifically cited his decision to kill an FCC net neutrality inquiry into zero rating during his speech.

“The best evidence of the wisdom of our new approach is what happened afterward,” Paid said.

“In the days following our decision, all four national wireless providers in the United States announced new unlimited data plans or expanded their existing ones. Consumers are now benefiting from these offers — offers made possible by a competitive marketplace. And remember: Preemptive government regulation did not produce that result. The free market did.”

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