via Cord Cutters News
By Luke Bouma
March 23, 2017

Cable propaganda is in full swing once again. This time it is coming from a new Digital Democracy Survey and quickly reported by sources such as CNBC.

“Cord-cutting isn’t happening” according to this survey… That is even in the title of the CNBC story about the study.

Also according to this survey (That I had never heard of before) it says in 2012 76% of American households paid for pay TV. Now in 2017 74% of American households pay for pay TV. So its argument is 2% is nothing and cord cutting is not happening.

So let me take two minutes to destroy that argument.

Breaking it down by the numbers.

2% may not seem like anything but in 2016 there were 125,820,000 American households. 2% of that is about 2,516,400 American homes.

2,515,400 American households is a huge number, right? It gets even bigger… According to the United States Census on average 2.58 people live in each American household. So that means 6,492,312 fewer Americans are watching traditional TV or 12,984,624 fewer eyeballs…

Let’s flip this around… If cable TV companies could say that 6,492,312 more Americans subscribed to cable TV over the same time frame they would be dancing in the street.

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