via io9
by Matthew Hawkins
July 29, 2017

Seth MacFarlane is a bit of a controversial figure. Sure, Family Guy might be one of the longest-lasting animated shows on television, but I’m not a huge fan. After all, the man can be problematic…to put it mildly. Yet, his new show, The Orville, coming later this fall, is one I’m very much interested in…because of something I am a fan of: Star Trek. Even though there’s an official Trek coming out, this one might end up coming out on top.

The Orville is a scifi dramedy about the captain of the U.S.S. Orville, a mid-level exploration ship, set 400 years in the future. The show looks to take a lot of inspiration from the original Star Trek series, and that’s no coincidence. MacFarlane is a fairly big Trekkie (or Trekker, depending on your preference) himself, so much that he wanted to wanted to help a television revival, shortly after the one for the big screen. In fact, he pleaded his case back in 2011 during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I don’t know who would give me the keys to that car…But I’d love to see that franchise revived for television in the way that it was in the 1990s: very thoughtful, smartly written stories that transcend the science fiction audience,” he said.

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