via Gizmodo UK
By Ian Morris
June 21, 2017

Dish Network is hopping mad over TVAddons, the Kodi plugin finder, and the satellite TV service is attempting to sue. The problem for Dish is that the people behind the TVAddons domain have done a reasonable job of concealing their identities. So a court order is aiming to unpick that anonymity.

According to TorrentFreak the subpoena targets Amazon, Github, Google, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal and some web hosts with the intention of discovering where the money went and who the operators of the site were. The site goes on to report that specific Google email address are being targeted for IP information, Google Chat logs and any other data about messages sent and received.

Now it’s possible that someone who was paranoid enough would be able to hide their tracks well enough that all of these data points will lead nowhere. But it’s also likely that the people operating the site will have, at some point, messed up and logged in from the wrong computer and perhaps not used a VPN or something. That information could lead the authorities right to their front door.

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