via DSL Reports
by Karl Bode
June 15, 2017

“Cord nevers” — or people that have never signed up for traditional cable — aren’t interested in subscribing to traditional cable TV, even if cable providers offer cheaper “skinny” bundles of smaller channels. That’s according to a recent focus group study by Sanford Bernstein media analyst Todd Juenger, which featured an admittedly small sample size of just 17 participants, all under forty years of age. While existing cable subscribers may find skinny bundles appealing as an effort to lower bills, cord nevers simply don’t find the idea appealing, notes Juenger.

“If they can trade down, save money, and still get the content that’s most important to them, they’re willing to consider switching,” Juenger said. “Cord-nevers/cord-cutters, on the other hand, once again expressed almost no interest.”
In many instances, the focus group found that a big problem with skinny bundles is they often lack specific content in order to reduce overall cost, but younger consumers tend to watch specific shows — but don’t have any particular loyalty to specific cable channels.
“My whole thing is just there’s so many different services, and they don’t have –they’re all missing something. My question is, why?,” asked one focus group participant.

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