via USA Today
by Jefferson Graham
March 9, 2017

So this week, they didn’t take kindly when I suggested that with so many streaming entertainment options and more to come, if we signed up for many of them, we could end up spending just as much as we do with cable.

In a nutshell, folks hated the headline, that cutting the cord could cost more than cable.

“Cord cutters save money,” wrote Ed Jimenez from Sacramento. “It’s a fact.”

For most cord cutters, of course they do. They ditch their sky-high cable subscription, subscribe to Netflix, Amazon and maybe add Hulu, and they’re saving at least $100 a month from cable.

But with all the new subscription services that are announced all the time, do the math. Just this week new services featuring Warner Bros. cartoons and BBC dramas were revealed, and a new, higher priced live version of Hulu is coming soon. YouTube is offering a cable alternative, YouTube TV, in the spring for $35 monthly and DirectTV recently offered a similar service.

Sign up for a bunch of these, add Filmstruck, the classic movie subscription service from Turner Classic Movies, CBS All Access, HBO Now, Showtime and you get the idea, you could end up paying more for cable.

In my initial report, I factored in the cost of high-speed Internet, because without a good, strong signal, there’s no streaming. I pay $50 monthly for high-speed.

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