via SyFyWire
Carol Pinchefsky
Apr 13, 2017

Older fans know Babylon 5, the game-changing 1994-1998 series, but younger fans may not have had a chance to watch it. Here’s your internet-sized window of opportunity. B5 has come to streaming service Go90.
According to showrunner J. Michael Straczynski’s Facebook page, “This is the first time B5 has been streamed online or available in the US for a very long time.” Go90 is offering all five seasons for free, without commercial breaks. I tested it myself, and it looks great.
For those who don’t know, B5 popularized the story arc in sci-fi television. (Robotech and other anime beat B5 to the game.) When it wasn’t showing us conflicts between human and aliens, humans and telepaths, aliens and aliens, it was hinting at, then revealing, a complex backstory. It took years to play out.

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