via International Business Times
By Lara Rebello
April 29, 2017

Netflix found itself in serious trouble after a hacking group announced that they had stolen the complete season 5 of its hit comedy drama Orange Is The New Black. The hackers reportedly asked for an undisclosed ransom to prevent them from sharing the series online ahead of its premiere on 9 June.

Now, it seems, Netflix is not the only network in a soup. The hackers announced that Twitter, Fox, IFC, National Geographic and ABC were next on their list.

Who is next on the list? FOX, IFC, NAT GEO, and ABC. Oh, what fun we’re all going to have. We’re not playing any games anymore.
— thedarkoverlord (@tdohack3r) April 29, 2017

Going by the moniker The Dark Overlord (TDO), the group released a lengthy statement on Pastebin, expanding on their attack on Netflix via a “production vendor”.

“After a significant amount of time was spent on reconnaissance and prodding company perimeters, we managed to weave ourselves into the foundation of one company who gave us access to a significant title in the Netflix original series portfolio: Orange Is The New Black – Season 5, the hackers’ screed read. But that’s not all, we also helped ourselves to copies of titles from other companies. However, this specific release will focus on Netflix.”

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