via ViceNews
By Oriana Schwindt
May 21, 2017

YouTube, Hulu, and Sony are battling traditional cable.
Here’s how you can win.

Everyone hates their cable company. For decades, though, your only options for in-home TV entertainment were to shell out for a big cable package or use your parents’ HBO Go login to watch “Game of Thrones.” No more.

The last couple of years have seen the emergence of the internet TV bundle with services like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, and in the last few months Hulu, YouTube, and DirecTV have all joined the fray with internet-based channel packages, which the TV industry refers to “OTT” for “over the top,” in that they bypass the traditional cable box.

Why the sudden flurry of activity? Big media companies are coming to terms with the fact that so-called “cord-cutters” may never come back to traditional cable TV, and they might as well consider them a market. “Hulu can now be a viewer’s primary source of television,” Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said at the unveiling in New York two weeks ago. Hulu had already served for years as an on-demand repository for broadcast and, eventually, some cable shows. But as the potential market grew, it became worth Hulu’s while to go through the trouble of negotiating deals with broadcast and cable networks to carry their programming live.

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