via FoxNews Tech
by Kim Komando
April 1, 2017
“Google” has become synonymous with “search for information,” but even mighty Google has its drawbacks — especially if you value your privacy. The world’s most famous search site is also known for saving your search history, reading your Gmail and tracking what you click online.

Before you break out the torches and pitchforks, remember that Google is trying to make its services as useful as possible. The company’s goal is to find out what you want before you want it.

But maybe you want a break from the well-intended surveillance. What are your alternatives? Which search engines don’t step on your virtual heels? Here are three ways to search the internet that you may find refreshing.

This search engine is unusual in many ways. First, it wasn’t developed in California, but in Pennsylvania. Second, DuckDuckGo’s mission is to keep users’ information private and to prevent personalized search results.
So what’s wrong with personalized search results? Don’t you want your phone or computer to cater to your interests? The creators of DuckDuckGo say this kind of technology creates a “filter bubble.” Google specializes in sending you only the content it thinks you want, not everything available.

There’s more to DuckDuckGo than just not being Google. The search engine includes nifty calculators and other tricks you’ve come to expect, and you can customize its interface with search shortcuts and an Instant Answers feature.

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